International Experts

The Best Value Conference is an international gathering of experts that come from 32 states and 7 different countries to learn about the Best Value approach. The leading practitioners in areas around the world come to experience and participate in training sessions, group collaborations, and Q&A sessions from world-class educators.

The enjoyable atmosphere of our conference can be attributed to our attendees and their high level of expertise. Our attendees make this conference special and each attendee that comes to the conference becomes part of the large Best Value Family! This family allows professionals to create lasting relationships that can be used throughout their careers.

The conference creates opportunities to do the following:

  • Network with other professionals and organizations
  • Learn from other “Best Value Experts” from around the world.
  • Ask questions about the problems that your company is facing
  • Be exposed to the difficulties other users are having with the Best Value Approach

Best Value Experts

These “experts” are comprised of clients, vendors, project managers, facility managers, owners, consultants, etc..  Below are a few of the companies that have attended the conference:

    State of OK OMES