The Best Value Conference is a four day conference comprised of presentations, training exercises, Q&A sessions, collaboration gatherings and BV examinations. Things you can expect from the conference:

  • Newest Best Value Books

  • Best Value Packet (name tag, schedule, attendee list, and etc…)

  • The opportunity to take B, B+, and Train the Trainer Exams

  • All Presentation slides in pdf (given at the end of the conference)

  • An individual session with Dr. Dean Kashiwagi (upon request)

  • 3 days of intense training from world-class educators

Important Details

Location: Tempe, Arizona, USA

Hotel: Double Tree Reservations

Dates: Jan 11- 15th, 2021 (Mon- Fri)

*Attendees are REQUIRED to stay at the Conference Double Tree Hotel or can pay a hotel fee of $400. This fee can be waived on a case by case basis.

Early Bird Group Rate
Deadline: Oct. 23, 2020
2+ Attendees
Early Bird Single Rate
Deadline: Oct. 23, 2020
Single Attendee
Group Rate
Deadline: Jan.10, 2021
2+ Attendees
Single Rate
Deadline: Jan.10, 2021
Single Attendee

Refund Policy

accepted-cardsThe Best Value Conference has a high demand with limited first-come-first-serve attendee registration. As a result, requests for attendee refunds will not be subject to a full refund. Requests submitted before November 21,  2020 are subject to a 50% refund which takes up to three months to be processed. There will be no refund given after November 21, 2020