Hosted By CIB W117 on
January 9-13, 2023 by Virtual Conference

Why Attend the Best Value Conference ?

For over 25 years, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, has been testing and refining “The Best Value Approach” that has been utilized over 2,000 times in projects totaling $6.6 Billion with a customer satisfaction of 98%. It is also the most licensed technology are Arizona State University with 65 licenses from all over the world. The Global Best Value Effort are moving at a rapid pace in countries including; Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, Netherlands and Norway. It has been used to improve the performance of projects and entire organizations. The Best Value Conference will show you how to use this leadership-based model to decrease risk, stress, cost and management requirements. It will help to automate your business structure to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your processes!

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